CONTEMPORARY GARDENS is a full service garden center carrying all the popular and reliable varieties for our area.

We have beautiful flowering ornamentals like PearDogwood, Cherry, Magnolia, and Redbud.  We carry the varieties noted for their bark, berries, and vibrant color like Coral Bark Maples, River Birch, Kousa Dogwood, and Thundercloud Plum.

We stock all the great shade tree varieties, many noted for their prolific fall color like Oaks, Maples, Sweet Gum, Willows and many others.

Hemlock, White Pine, Norway Spruce, Arborvitae, and all the great evergreen trees are on display, year round, here at our garden center.
Here you’ll find the dramatic eye-catching specimens and exotics as well, such as Weeping Norway Spruce, Blue Atlas Cedar, and Japanese Thread-leaf Maple to name only a few.

From mature balled and burlaped specimens best professionally installed, to smaller containerized trees, great for the “DO-IT-YOURSELF” customer, all of our trees carry a warranty.

Check out the photo gallery below to see some of our inventory and to get some great ideas for a tree or trees for your home.