Bulk Mulch, Topsoil, and Stone

Bulk Mulch – mulches recommended depth for installation is around 2-3 inches.  Quality mulch not only enhances the beauty of your garden, but also adds health to the soil when it decomposes.  We carry bulk mulch in four varieties: Black Dyed, Brown Dyed, Red Dyed and Hardwood mulch.   We also carry all of our mulches in a 2 cubic foot bag for your smaller jobs.

Bulk Topsoil – We have screened topsoil which has no large debris and has a smooth consistency.  We also can create a blended screened topsoil which makes it easy for you to use in flower beds or vegetable gardens, which consists of an organic fertilizer and compost included to give a great planting medium.   We also carry topsoil in bags for your smaller jobs.
Bulk Compost – We carry Earthmate Soil Composting mulch which is an excellent way to enrich stagnate flower beds with nutrients.  It can be used as a top dress or a planting mixture.
Decorative Stone – We have a large selection of natural fieldstone and boulders by the pallet.  We also carry decorative stone in 50lb bags for your smaller jobs.

All of our bulk products can be picked up with your truck or we make deliveries to your home for a small fee depending on your location.  Give us a call if you need assistance with any of these products or call to schedule your bulk delivery.